Just a Stone's Throw away from the Hotel Aviano... 
The Arts & Crafts Christmas Market at Karlsplatz


A KALEIDOSCOPE of vibrant colours from a myriad of arts stalls, an occasional waft of scented wood, and the aroma of winter season foods; sweet and savoury, being carried on the light breeze. This was my evening at the Advent Markt inside the park at Karlsplatz. Full English & German infos can be had here, including an interactive map www.divinaart.at/artadvent/

All foods are organic and the arts & crafts are unique; there are numerous stage concerts and performances... and the extensive kids' hands-on programme runs from 12.00 through to 7pm. That's the regular info but, the experience is unexpected...even the old-time carousel (adults are welcome too) surprises.

There is this strong sense of timelessness about this place, perhaps as it inspires the child in all of us with a dose of grown-up admiration, in the atmosphere that it evokes. Certainly, there is something for everyone and the possibility to lose track of everyday life.

Weather buying or not, for oneself or as a present, there is some "eye candy" that's bound to please.

With all items being handmade, they take on that extra sifnificance, in fact each day, a different artisan demonstates their craftmanship.

The constellation of stalls leaves you wanting to stop at each of them, taking in that experience of sensory massage.

Many artisan productions are thought provoking...

Despite being very well attended, there is never any sensation of being pressed in by people. Most likely due to the expanse of the place and the layout which permits easy movement.

The Glücksschwein will definately be returning before this year's market closes.

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