A Walk and a Thought

So it's around the darkest time of year at the most festive time of year, and yet whilst walking through this monumentally historical city, with so much going on, my mind was cast elsewhere and the experience felt almost surreal.

opulently furbished tree on Seitzergasse

What a priviledge, to live and work in a city with an almost superlative vista around every secret corner and all within a few walk minutes from the hotel. One doesn't need to walk far in Vienna in order to get lost in some Zeitgeist sensation. 

Many of the most significant people of the past 250 years have seen these very same steets and buildings and even entered the same cafés.

Alte burg platz, Hofburg
One can't help but feel connected to that history and yet mysteriously enough, contemplate one's own past and even childhood experiences that contrived to leave you in this place. Hearing that crunch of snow underfoot and sharp, fresh winter air with such visual stimulation, brings with it a surreal sense of where one is in time and space: strangely reminiscient and yet very much in the moment. 

I've walked here hundreds of times and it's always like this, if you allow it to be. I couldn't help but wonder; what if the potential visitor knew about this, whether they be here for work or pleasure, that Vienna is one of the most rewarding and spectacular cities in the world to spend time in. For certain, you can be lost in the moment, which is a rewarding way to refresh the mind and refocus it; find inspiration. Vienna is most certainly more than a city break and the chance to get away.. it holds an unexpected surprise for you.

Danube Canal


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