Off the Beaten Track


Not the post which I had planned yesterday, as a spontaneous idea come to me....

Returning to a more active blogging nature, it occured to me to put up a series of "off the beaten track" locations well worth a visit, which are a few minutes away from the very center and yet offer a more local taste of Vienna and its charm.

This evening I dined at Café Ansari, a Georgian resturant a mere 10 minutes walk from the Danube Canal, which borders the city center at Swedenplatz.

Here is a link to the Trip Advisor entries.

In the warm evening, dining outside, with ambient lighting, this stylish spot creates an environment where one very quickly relaxes and can thoroughly enjoy the evening, or indeed your visit to this city.
...and as for the cuisine.. be surprised but, it fits perfectly to the surroundings and the unfolding of a fine evening.


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