Café Bellaria est.1870

Café Belleria est.1870

The absolute classic Vienese café house.. precisely the kind of memorable experience that any traveler should aim for while here.  My eyes can't help but widen as I enter, entreated to an array of depth of colours and shades that one simply does not expect. Rich wooden tones; claret drapes, the cream walls, polished brass fittings and perfectly situated seats and chairs, allowing for a 'corner seat experience' regardless of where one sits. Looking up at the source of such ambient light, is a sight to behold: antique chandeliers, majestically opulent and grand. You know that you are somewhere very special. Indeed, over the decades many prominent patrons have come here to relax and mingle.

As is typical of the finest cafés, a pianist plays and sings, only this pianist was very old, singing oldtime songs with an oldtime voice, that was a shadow of the magnificence that it once was. However, this only served to add another layer to this Zeitgeist moment


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